Work Premises

Total Area 10200 Sqft
Constructed 9950 Sqft
Machine Shop 8300 Sqft
Admin Office 300 Sqft
Open Space 0230 Sqft
QC Dept 100 Sqft
Utilities 270 Sqft


Production In charge
Skilled Operator
QA Engineer
Accounts Staff
Logistics Staff
Customer Support

Manufacturing Facilities

Machineries Make Description Quantity
TURNING CENTER Fuku-Seike Dx400 02
Piller Drill Machine BMT BMT-20H 01
Conventional Milling Parkson Milling 1
Conventional Milling BMT Milling 1
Conventional Leth HMT Leth 1
Bench Grinder KPT SBG6 150mm 01
Air Compressor MEC MEC 2HP 01

Inspection Equipments

Equipments Make Description Quantity
Surface Plate Ayumic 630 x 630 x 80 01
Height Gauge Mitutoyo Mitutoyo 570-312, HDS Digimatic Height Gage, 12 inch X .0005 inch/0.01mm, with Output 01
Outside Micrometer Insize 0-25mm 0.001mm/0.00005mm 01
Inside Micrometer Insize .2 To 1.2” / 5-30mm 01
Depth Micrometer Mitutoyo 129-109 Depth Gauge 0-50mm 01
Dial Gauge Apollo Standared sizes 05
Boar Gauge Mitutoyo 511-703 Bore Gaurge 50-150mm 01
Vernier Calipers Insize 0-300mm Digital Caliper 02
Ring Gauge Baker Ring Gauge Range 1.5-150mm 10
Slip Gauge Mitutoyo Slip Gauge 516-939R-10 112
Metallurgical: We hire external services for Ultrasonic testing, Spectrox Testing, Chemical analysis of elements & physical test as applicable.